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What is Privy?

Privy is a software platform that helps real estate investors by automating the tedious tasks of searching the MLS, analyzing properties and running comps. We get data direct from your local MLS and run algorithms 24hrs a day, so you never miss a deal. Our algorithms pay special attention to what other investors are having success with. We show you side by side comparisons of before and after deals like flips, pop-tops, and scrapes. Track deals from start to finish and see hold times, margins, profit and more. We provide all the MLS data and tools needed to make fast accurate decisions, without having to bother a realtor for every little thing.

Privy uses data feeds from your local MLS and analyzes your market 24/7 using sophisticated algorithms to identify all the best investments properties in your market. Our LiveCMA™ technology delivers Live Updates and CMAs that provide, in an instant glance, all the data you need to quickly decipher a property’s investment potential. Some other features:

  • LiveCMA™ updates to Stay Ahead of the Competition

  • Properties that meet your criteria sent directly to your inbox

  • Privy is free for investors to use

  • Realtors use Privy to get leads from investors attracted to use the Privy software

  • Realtors use Privy as a marketing tool to attract new investors and retain existing clients

  • Cloud-based and accessible anywhere with an internet connection

  • Easy online training classes to supercharge your experience with Privy University™

We're taking real estate investing to the next level! With cloud computing and big data changing all areas of business, doesn't it make sense that real estate would soon follow? Be the expert in your industry and let Privy set you apart from your competitors.

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