Giving is more than giving, it's Changing

Merry Christmas everyone! This is more about the topic of what it really means to give. I may already be telling you something that you already know, but that doesn't matter. When you give, especially when it is from the heart, you are making a change. You are impacting a life, whether it is temporary or even a lifetime. Have you ever had a bad day and you suddenly felt better because a stranger gave you a smile? Has that ended impacting the next person that you came in contact in the sense that you were more positive?

A homeless person on the street might take that change and two or three people might have another meal and cherish the holiday together. Giving away a valuable book might spark a child's imagination, or a future entrepreneur's spirit. Giving someone your last $10 because they were less fortunate might remember that kindness and one day provide the same to another, who will change the day of another, and another, and so on. There's a reason why most people get that "warm fuzzy" feeling when they perform an act of random kindness, somehow your heart knows when you did something right. I'm not saying go out there and start giving away everything you have, no. I'm saying go out there and make a change; even the slightest change can potentially change lives.


tay humble.

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