The Importance of Communication: A Business Foundation

There was a time when technology was younger and communication was more difficult and time consuming. It made people try harder and go to further lengths to get even the simplest message across. Neighbors walked to each other's door doorsteps, local calls were a single source for instant conversations, and having to coordinate mail was the only way to get letters, documents, or business proposals in a less timely, but yet more emphasized manner. It was during times that it was more difficult to have communication more accessible that it held a higher importance. With that, relationships were stronger and had taken on more value.

As technology progressed, the world appeared smaller. These days you can make a free call from the United States to Japan without spending a dime, while having a latte at a Starbucks and using their WiFi. The problem with technology is the mere fact that communication became taken for granted. Neighbors hardly recognize each other, children in a playground are more bound to their individual tablets or cell phones, people ignore text messages, whereas over a decade ago a personal hand-written letter in the mail would make anyone ecstatic. In business, technological advances with communication has become a very delicate if not dangerous adaptation.

The difference between having a healthy progressive success, and having continuous failure, will rely largely on the ability to communicate freely, open, and to make yourself accessible. Deals, business relationships, both large and small, have failed because one (or even both) parties would ignore an email, not return a call, or pass on a simple text message that would take 20 seconds to reply. When you receive a message, ask yourself, how would you feel if you were the presenting end and had no reply? Have you had situations where you felt frustrations because you did not receive a feedback? Have you had to repeatedly call someone because they never returned your call regarding any type of transaction whether it is personal or business? I tremendously doubt it left you with any type of gratifying sensation.

Communication does not have to include detailed extensive responses. Some people fear communicating back because of fear, shame, or blatant laziness. Of course there will always be a gracious extent in a lot of cases, we are humans, we all have lives to live. But remember a key thing to knowing if your business is going to work, is if you have access to reaching your partners, clients, customers, or resources, and that they can do the same. Get connected. The more of a personal connection you have, the stronger your business relationships will be. Follow up with your clients even if it is just to say “hello”. Go the extra mile to extend your declaration. If you are in real estate and are still lethargic to simple practices, how would you even talk to clients? How would be able to acquire properties? Who is going to know you, or for that matter even care to do so? If you continue down a path that isn't transmittable to any party, who will take you serious? The point is, it doesn't matter what business you are in, and for that matter, what kind of relationships you are in. Communication can either build your relationships with clients, partners, or associates, or the lack thereof can be the root cause of the beginnings to an end.

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