Direx Capital Group is a division of Home Direx created for investor partners who need quick funds.  We are able to provide financial solutions unlike any other to investors and business owners who are looking to utilize the power of financing for leverage in order to take a strong position in market share.  In addition to these programs, we have a well experienced team that structures access to debt, equity or joint venture capital with no amount limit for the purpose of acquiring U.S. Real Estate or expanding business operations in virtually any industry.  From start up companies, fast funded business loans requiring no minimum credit, to large commercial funding for acquisitions, as well as hard money loans backed by private investors, our capital group is in place ready to serve your funding needs.

Real Estate Investment Loans

Direx Capital has relationships with lenders that are highly competitive in the hard money loan market.  We have fix and flip programs up to 75% of the after-repair-value with as little as 10% down while funding ALL of the construction costs.  In addition, we have programs for the investor looking to buy and hold properties to add to his portfolio with rates that are second to none.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Ever wonder if stated and no doc loans are even available anymore? Direx Capital maintains relationships with only the best.  We understand deals need to close yesterday and created a fast, hassle free process with stated and no income documentation programs for most commercial real estate projects such as multi-family residences, shopping centers, auto shops, offices, warehouses, and much more.  We even have loans for small balance mortgages as low as $25,000 and as large as $100 million.

Unsecured Line of Credit

We understand that clients want to utilize as little money out of pocket as possible, so we set up an unsecured line of credit program for both start ups and seasoned businesses.  Clients can enjoy the freedom of flexible spending for their business or real estate upgrades through our easy, hassle free, process.

Where We Can Provide Lending

All lending programs

Limited Lending Programs

*Maximum loan amounts, LTV and ARV percentages, points, and rates vary by applicant.  Overall credit score, experience, frequency of a repeat client, and the the property itself affects overall loan conditions.  ALL loan programs are for non-owner occupied properties for business or commercial use.