Direct Stated Income Loan Lender to Real Estate Investors and Commercial Property Owners. No Tax Returns – No W-2’s – 30 Year Fully Amortized – No Balloon – Easy Qualify. This can be very useful for the business owner or professional real estate investor, as currently Banks are very tight with lending on income and investment property.

They not only calculate a properties Debt Service Coverage Ratio but the owner’s or buyer’s personal Debt To Income Ratio as well. Needless to say there are many who can’t quite qualify for a bank loan with the new regulations and need to refinance or purchase a commercial real estate property. This type of commercial stated financing easily gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a currently fast paced commercial real estate market and rising property values. Typical completed transactions take 4 to 5 weeks from application. Do you want to payoff your SBA Loan? We’ve helped many business owners come out from under the strenuous scrutinization of having and maintaining an SBA loan into a more comfortable 30 year fully amortized commercial loan.


A true Commercial Stated Income loan. The perfect type of loan if you can’t provide tax returns for some reason or don’t want to provide tax returns because of excessive write-offs that keep you from qualifying at your local commercial bank. That’s fine. We don’t care what your tax returns show – No debt to income ratio (DTI) review ever. Even with a bankruptcy over two years ago, you can still qualify for a stated income mortgage. This program lets you refinance up to 75% of your appraised commercial property or investment residential’s value.